Geekbench 6 Officially Released: Single-Core Scores No Longer Matter

Geekbench has become a major benchmark test for mobile phones as well as PC run scores in recent years, which can facilitate the comparison of the performance gap between Android and iPhone processors, Geekbench version 5 or 2019 release, just Primal Labs released the latest Geekbench 6 with a major change in the run score rules.

Geekbench 6 increased support for the latest hardware, the pursuit of a more realistic performance test, this time a major focus of improvement is to significantly weaken the importance of the CPU single-core score, the developer said the times are different, the main core is no longer so important, and machine learning is on the rise, multi-core performance has become more important.

geekbench 6 officially released single core scores no longer matter

In Geekbench 6, the benchmarking load has been revamped to better reflect the latest hardware and application experiences.

These improvements include an increase in cell phone capture resolution from 12MP to 48MP, HTML instances representing modern web standards, a larger image database for importing tests, larger maps for navigation tests, and larger and more modern PDF instances.

For the latest in AI and machine learning, Geekbench 6 also adds background blur, photo filtering, AI object detection, and even ray tracing.

It is worth mentioning that Geekbench 6 also removed the encryption performance test, before this part of the score accounted for 5% of the weight, but was very controversial, and even the possibility of pulling points on some devices.

Geekbench 6 still supports cross-platform comparisons, covering Android, iOS, Mac and Windows platforms, and the upcoming Geekbench 6.1 will also support the AArch64 instruction set for Windows on ARM devices.

Geekbench 6 is free for non-commercial use, but the Pro version will offer advanced features like command line auto testing, and the normal price is $100, with a 20% discount for the next two weeks to $79, a great value.

Finally, GSMArena website did a comparison of Geekbench 6 and Geekbench 5 scores, it seems that the score has not changed much, probably because the current sample is too small, and then evaluate the data later.

geekbench 6 officially released single core scores no longer matter 1


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