Dell PC to leave China 100%! Full timeline revealed

Among the major manufacturers, Dell has been at the forefront of moving away from China.

Now, a complete set of Dell's so-called "de-Chinaisation" script and timeline has been revealed in the media, from upstream IC sourcing to midstream and downstream peripherals to complete machine assembly, all with clear arrangements.

According to the plan, Dell expects to exclude mainland China manufacturing from its midstream and downstream supply chains from 2025, and prioritise shifting to the US domestic market.

For example, for notebooks, Dell plans to manufacture 60 per cent of products sold in the US market outside mainland China by 2025 and 100 per cent by 2027.

A similar agreement is in place for desktop computers.

In other words, by 2027, 35-40% of Dell's shipments will be made outside mainland China.

In terms of IC component sourcing, Dell plans to move out of China in phases starting in 2026.

The first phase will exclude products manufactured by mainland Chinese IC manufacturers in mainland Chinese factories, and the second phase will exclude products manufactured by mainland Chinese IC manufacturers in overseas factories.

As for products manufactured by US, European, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese IC manufacturers in mainland Chinese fabs, sooner or later they will also be forced to change their production locations through so-called "moral suasion".

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According to research firm Gartner, Dell will ship nearly 50 million notebooks and desktops worldwide in 2022, with total IC purchases of US$18 billion.

Although the global economy is still recovering slowly, Dell's annual global PC shipments will also be around 47 million units for the next two to three years, with IC purchases of at least US$16 billion per year.

Dell notebooks account for more than 40% of total shipments in the US market, and on this basis, 18-19 million units will be produced outside mainland China in 2025, reaching the full 30-32 million units in 2027.

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