Chrome on macOS will soon allow users to access/edit/copy saved passwords using Touch ID

Chrome on Windows requires users to enter their device password when they try to view and edit saved passwords.Google is now upping the security ante by providing a biometric way to verify user identity. On laptops, for example, users can use fingerprint sensors to identify to access passwords. And now on macOS devices, users will soon be able to use Touch ID to access those passwords.

On Android devices, a fingerprint or PIN is required to access and edit saved passwords; on Windows devices, Chrome requires the Windows boot password for identification. And on macOS devices, Chrome now allows users to access these passwords using Touch ID.

In Chrome version 106 for macOS, Google has added an experimental Flag option for "biometric authentication in Settings", which states in the feature description "Accessing/copying passwords in Settings enables biometric authentication. Edit/Copy passwords in Settings to enable biometric authentication". This feature tells Mac users that they can use touchID to confirm their identity instead of entering a password.

Currently, at the time of writing, when this flag is enabled, biometric authentication settings are not displayed when you visit Settings > AutoFill > Password Manager. As work progresses, it is expected that this feature will take effect in the future.

Author: King
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