Chinese AI company sues Apple for Siri patent infringement! Claims 10 billion

Apple introduced the Siri voice assistant with the iPhone 4S and has continued to expand its use. However, we know that the iPhone 4s was released on 5 October 2011 Beijing time, and the current Sky Eye search app shows that a new court hearing announcement for a dispute related to infringement of patent rights of inventions between Shanghai Zhi Zhen Intelligent Network Technology Co. Ltd, the case will be heard at the Shanghai High People's Court on 5 May.

chinese ai company sues apple for siri patent infringement claims 10 billion

In June 2012, Zhi Zhen Intelligence, a Chinese AI company, filed an infringement lawsuit against Apple Siri for infringing its 'A Chatbot System' patent, which it had filed in 2004.

Both parties then appealed and filed for a re-examination of the patent's validity, and in June 2020, the court's final decision confirmed the patent's validity.

Zhi Zhen Intelligence then filed another lawsuit to stop Apple from infringing the patent, with a preliminary claim of 10 billion yuan.

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