CATL’s “Chocolate Power Exchange Blocks” now in mass production

On 30 March, CATL released an announcement saying that the company had adopted the "chocolate power exchange block" model to implement power exchange, and that the power exchange block had been mass-produced and had a service network capacity of several thousand vehicles.

In January last year, CATL wholly-owned subsidiary Time Electric Service released the EVOGO brand and the overall solution of combined power exchange, it is reported that the overall solution of combined power exchange consists of "power exchange block, quick change station, app" three major products together, which represents CATL' official entry into the electric " The "power exchange" market.

catls chocolate power exchange blocks now in mass production

According to CATL, EVOGO will be open to all car companies, under the mode of vehicle-electricity separation, the battery will be independent as a shared asset, bringing the market a new experience. Among them, the "Chocolate Battery Exchange Block" is a mass-produced battery specially developed for the realisation of shared battery exchange, with three main features: small but high energy, free combination and minimalist design.

The battery adopts the latest CTP technology of Ningde Times, and the energy density of "Chocolate Power Exchange Block" is over 160Wh/kg by weight and 325Wh/L by volume. The battery can be adapted to 80% of all-electric platforms already on the global market and those to be launched in the next three years.

catls chocolate power exchange blocks now in mass production 1

In addition, the Chocolate Power Exchange Block uses wireless BMS technology and has only high-voltage positive and negative external connections, which greatly improves the reliability of the connected components.

Each standard station requires only three parking spaces and a single block can be changed in approximately one minute. 48 blocks can be stored in the station, ensuring that users always have a fully charged block to replace without having to wait for a long time. Versions for different climatic conditions are available.

catls chocolate power exchange blocks now in mass production 2

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