Baidu version has successfully registered trademark ERNIE: released in March at the earliest

Recently, ChatGPT has exploded globally, with the new AI surpassing almost all previous products, in contrast to Apple's Siri, which has been completely reduced to a retard.

It is worth noting that some Chinese companies are not lagging behind foreign companies in AI and other fields of research.

baidu version has successfully registered trademark ernie released in march at the earliest

According to reports, the Chinese name of Baidu's AI product against ChatGPT is Wenxin Yiyin, and the English name ERNIE Bot, which completed testing in March and was released to the public, is still doing the sprint before going online, and the time may be advanced.

According to public information, Baidu has applied for the registration of several "ERNIE" "ERNIEAI" "ERNIENLP" "ERNIE-VILG" trademarks, many of which have been successfully registered, international classification including website services, scientific instruments, these trademarks were first applied in June 2019, the latest application on January 3 this year.

In other words, Baidu actually laid out such products in 2019, and did not come to "learn" after ChatGPT became popular.

baidu version has successfully registered trademark ernie released in march at the earliest 1

It is reported that the above "ERNIE" related trademarks are Baidu's "Wenxin Great Model" products, including text understanding and creation, AI painting, etc..

Officially, ERNIE significantly outperforms the world's leading technologies in 16 public data sets, including sentiment analysis, text matching, natural language inference, lexical analysis, reading comprehension and intelligent question and answer, and scores more than 90 points for the first time on GLUE, the international authoritative benchmark for assessing general language understanding, making it the world's first.

At the same time, ERNIE's continuous learning technology is able to continuously absorb knowledge about vocabulary, structure and semantics from massive text data to achieve continuous evolution of model effects.

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