As soon as 2024 Microsoft Win12 massive redo: integrated AI technology

After the introduction of Win11, Microsoft has returned to the rhythm of launching a generation of operating systems in three years, although the official has refused to confirm the existence of Win12, but everyone defaulted to its release in 2024 at the earliest.

as soon as 2024 microsoft win12 massive redo integrated ai technology

It is reported that Win12 system will be massively redone, a new version development, will be made from scratch, different from the current Win10 and Win11 architecture, the interface is more modern, the underlying layer will also be overhauled, Win32 applications will be supported by way of virtual machines.

In Win12 system, Microsoft will introduce a lot of new technologies, among which AI artificial intelligence will be the focus, Microsoft vice president and chief product officer Panos Panay recently talked about the importance of AI technology.

He pointed out that AI will change the way everyone does things in Windows. There are now large production models, including language models, code generation models, image models, etc. They are so powerful, so useful and so personalized that Microsoft couldn't do it before, and now it can. It needs an operating system to blur the line between the cloud and the edge, and that's what Microsoft is doing.

From Panos Panay's statement, Microsoft is developing a brand new operating system that will heavily apply AI technology, although he didn't specify the details, but people guess that this is the Win12 system in 2 years.

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