Apple’s patent for underwater iPhone screen control granted

Since the iPhone 7 in 2016, Apple has been equipped with a waterproof function as standard, which can support up to IP68.

Although it does not support the water warranty, some of the water splashes in everyday life, falling puddles, falling sink scenarios are basically unhindered, greatly improving the safety of the phone.

iphone 15 ultra looks out type c interface titanium alloy midframe

However, according to the latest industry revelations, Apple will launch an Ultra version of the iPhone 15 or iPhone 16 series, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra, which is focused on extreme outdoor use scenarios and will have a higher water resistance level.

It is worth noting that Apple has even developed a new technology that will allow the iPhone to freely operate the screen even underwater.

apples patent for underwater iphone screen control granted

According to the patent list published by the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO), Apple has been granted a patent for technology that allows the iPhone to function properly underwater.

iPhone features a water-resistant optical touch sensor that not only supports users with wet hands, but also allows iPhone to be operated underwater.

apples patent for underwater iphone screen control granted 1

Apple uses two-dimensional optical touch sensors in iPhone, including the total internal reflection touch sensor. In the iPhone submerged in water, or in the more humid scenarios can still collect touch input.

Previous waterproof phones, even Sony, which is very much in place, can not manipulate the screen underwater, only through the button to achieve the photo operation, and the addition of this technology Apple will allow the iPhone to be freely used underwater, the experience is greatly increased.

However, this specification should only be equipped on the Ultra version, after all, underwater operation will also have higher requirements for waterproof performance.

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