Apple releases new MacBook Pro, Mac mini with M2 chip

Apple released a new generation of MacBook Pro, including two versions of 16-inch and 14-inch, respectively with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips.

apple releases new macbook pro mac mini with m2 chip 1

Among them, the new chip may be built using TSMC's most advanced 3nm process, and there will be a huge upgrade in performance and power consumption.

In addition, the new MacBook Pro is still using the bangs screen, and most likely just stuffed a front camera, not integrated Face ID 3D face recognition.

As for the new Mac mini, it will be equipped with the M2 chip, and the appearance will remain the same as the previous design, so there will be no huge changes in the short term.

The new Mac mini as the cheapest device in the Apple computer, it allows users who have not used Apple computers to spend less to experience the Apple computer system, chips, features and so on.

In terms of core performance, the 2023 MacBook Pro is equipped with M2 Pro and M2 Max processors, with the M2 Pro version featuring up to 12-core CPUs, a 20% speed increase over its predecessor, 200GB/s memory bandwidth, 32GB memory capacity, up to 19-core GPUs, a 30% increase over its predecessor, and a 40% increase in neuron network speed.

The M2 Max version has up to 38-core GPU with a 30% performance increase over its predecessor, 400GB/s memory bandwidth, and up to 96GB of memory.

The M2 Pro-powered MacBook Pro is known to deliver up to 40 percent faster Photoshop image processing than the model with the M1 Pro chip and up to 80 percent faster than the MacBook Pro with the Intel Core i9 processor.

Notably, the new MacBook Pro 16 has the longest battery life to date in the Mac series, supporting up to 22 hours of video playback and 15 hours of web browsing.

In terms of display, the MacBook Pro 16 features a 16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR screen with a resolution of 3456*2234, 7.7 megapixels and 254ppi, while the MacBook Pro 14 features a 14.2-inch screen with a resolution of 3024*1964, 5.9 megapixels and 254ppi.

apple releases new macbook pro mac mini with m2 chip

In addition to the new MacBook Pro, Apple also announced an updated Mac mini, its most affordable desktop computer. The new model features the M2 and M2 Pro processors and is significantly cheaper - the base configuration will set you back $599 instead of $699 (for the M1-based Mac mini).

Apple says the new processors provide Mac mini with "professional-grade performance" that was "previously unimaginable" in such a compact design. While the computer is unchanged in appearance, it now offers a faster processor, more unified memory, better connectivity, and up to three displays (on the M2 Pro).

Mac mini with the 8-core M2 supports up to 24GB of unified memory and higher bandwidth, enabling faster performance for productivity and professional applications. According to Apple, image editing in Adobe Photoshop is up to 50 percent faster than in the previous generation. In addition, the M2 processor enables ProRes acceleration for better video editing in Final Cut Pro, with simultaneous playback of two 8K ProRes 422 30 fps or 12 4K ProRes 422 video 30 fps streams.

The M2 Pro-based Mac mini has a 12-core CPU and 19-core GPU, plus up to 32GB of 200GB/s of unified memory. There's also a "next generation" neural engine that performs up to 40% faster than the M1. All this raw horsepower enables the computer to play up to five 8K ProRes 422 30 fps or 23 4K ProRes 422 video 30 fps streams.

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