Apple MR headset reviewers say: “Want to spend money on this right now!

Apple is set to unveil its mixed reality headset (or MR device), which has been in the works for years, at WWDC in June. While not everyone is convinced that the product will be a "smash hit", one source who has reportedly tested the device is "in awe" of it.

apple mr headset reviewers say want to spend money on this right now

Evan Blass, a well-known tech tipster, shared the news on social media, saying that he had heard from someone who had "multiple opportunities to try out" Apple's headset. The tester was initially unenthusiastic about the product, even complaining about its lack of features, but after trying it out was "blown away".

According to this source, Apple has made significant progress in both hardware and software recently. He used to be so sceptical, but now he's so excited that he's "willing to pay for it".

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