Apple may release its first AR/MR headset this June

Apple is already known in the industry for developing AR/MR and other headset devices, but the finished product has been slow to appear.

According to the latest news from Mark Gurman, Apple's first headset device is expected to be released in June this year and will debut at the WWDC conference.

apple may release its first armr headset this june

Information shows that Apple has filed a number of patents related to head-mounted display devices and hybrid head-up displays.

Among them, the patent for "System and method for interactive three-dimensional preview" can realize the synchronization of three-dimensional data between the head-mounted display and electronic devices.

The patent for "Head-mounted display for virtual reality and mixed reality with inside-out position tracking, user body tracking and environment tracking" enables real-time tracking using computer vision methods and data fusion from multiple sensors with high frame rates and low latency by performing processing as part of the HMD itself.

apple may release its first armr headset this june 1

In addition, Apple has filed AR/VR-related patents, including patents for tangible visualization of virtual objects in virtual environment, predictive center concave virtual reality system, and display system with world sensors and user sensors.

According to previous news, this AR/MR headset will be Apple's most complex product ever designed, with an ultra-high resolution 8K display and advanced eye-tracking technology inside, equipped with up to 15 cameras for accurate eye recognition and tracking, etc.

Cook has high hopes for it, even suggesting that it will replace the iPhone in the next decade.

Because Apple has put a lot of effort into the device, the price is also very "touching", analysts expect that the Apple AR/MR headset is expected to sell for $2000 - $2500 or more.

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