Adobe Premiere Pro pushes major AI upgrade: text descriptions for video editing

Adobe has recently released an update to its Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software, bringing with it a new AI-powered feature.

In the new version of PR, Adobe has introduced a text-edited video feature that allows users to edit video directly by modifying automatically generated video text, greatly improving the efficiency and speed of video editing.

Simply put, the video is converted into a searchable text transcript, and users can quickly edit the video by matching specific words and phrases.

adobe premiere pro pushes major ai upgrade text descriptions for video editing

The feature is said to be based on Adobe Sensei machine learning technology.

Before being applied to text-edited videos, the technology was used by PR to automatically generate subtitles, helping users to identify different speakers and converting subtitles to graphics for more detailed customisation.

In addition to the AI-related feature updates, Adobe has brought new automatic tone mapping and protocol colour checking capabilities to PR, allowing users to mix and match HDR video from different sources in the same SDR project without having to manually balance the video for colour consistency.

Other new features include sequence locking for collaborative editing, an online status indicator, and an offline work feature that allows editors to work on collaborative projects offline and publish changes later without overwriting the work of others.

adobe premiere pro pushes major ai upgrade text descriptions for video editing 1

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