Guangzhou’s first L4 driverless bus line online: free trial ride

January 6, according to the Guangzhou release, Guangzhou's first L4 driverless bus line officially online operation, the public can make an appointment in advance for a free trial ride.

It is reported that the line is Nansha 23 Road, driving line from Hengli Metro Station bus terminal to Lingshan Island loop, 8.5 kilometers long, January 1, 2022 officially online operation, the daily service hours for 7:00 ~ 19:00.

Nansha 23 self-driving bus demonstration line using the "single vehicle intelligence + network connectivity to enable" technology, the route to achieve the full self-driving, Guangzhou and even South China's first L4 driverless bus demonstration line.

The vehicles involved in the operation are manufactured by Henan Yutong, with a blue body, and can be controlled by the intelligent bus voice robot control system "Xiaoyu", "turn on the lights" and "turn on the air conditioning" and other operations.

In terms of hardware, the car is equipped with two 64-line LIDARs distributed in the location of the original rearview mirror, which can accurately sense any object within 200 meters, obtain its three-dimensional information, determine its distance, orientation and movement status, and is not affected by lighting conditions.

It is also equipped with 12 HD cameras, which can capture real-time HD images in 360° without blind spots, detect and identify lane lines, traffic lights and traffic signs, and precisely identify pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

In order to ensure the safety of driving, with a professional level of safety officers, can take over the vehicle in time to encounter dangerous situations, not only that, the car is also equipped with a red slow brake button, if there is an emergency, passengers can promptly press the slow brake button to slow down the vehicle.

The self-driving bus is limited to six passengers, you need to make a reservation to be able to ride the self-driving bus, the current self-driving bus does not charge any fees, later in accordance with relevant regulations.

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