Apple folding screen version of the iPhone rendering first look

There has been news that Apple is also considering a folding screen version of the iPhone, which may be the next big trend in the development of high-end machines in the industry, are you ready?

Now, AppleInsider has produced high-definition renders based on the clues it currently has to show what a folding screen version of the iPhone might look like. From the design, the phone's screen is free of creases and gaps, while the back camera is also flat.

It's unclear how Apple will optimize iOS or iPad OS for a foldable device. if the display only works in a fully open state, there may be little change. It's possible that Apple will allow games or chat apps to use a three-quarter open or half-open model.

In May, Mr. Guo of TECS International predicted that Apple is developing an 8-inch OLED foldable iPhone and is scheduled to launch in 2023. In the future, Mr. Guo predicts that foldable will be a must-have design for all smartphone brands.

As previously stated by the source, the design Apple is exploring "doesn't look like they just glued two phones together, it looks fairly continuous and seamless when the display is extended."

The development process is still in its early stages, and most of the research Apple has done so far has focused on foldable display prototypes. In other words, Apple is mostly working on foldable display technology and design, and "there are no full prototypes of the phone in the lab yet."

Apple is often rumored to explore new areas of technology, but never brings it to market, so a foldable iPhone could stay at this stage for a long time. Given that the iPhone's form factor hasn't changed much in recent years, a foldable iPhone is really intriguing.

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