Win11 2023 first update Build 25272 released: more smooth and stable

This morning, Microsoft pushed out the first Windows 11 preview update for 2023 for Insider members of the Dev channel, OS version number Build 25272.

As the start of the year update, Microsoft did not bring heavy new features, or mainly focus on small optimization adjustments as well as stability and ease of use improvements.

win11 2023 opening year update build 25272 released more smooth and stable

In terms of major changes, Quick Assist, a remote assistance tool, has been removed from Windows Tools and placed directly in the Start menu for ease of use.

Secondly, the "Suggested Action" in Edge browser has been disabled; thirdly, a refresh button has been added to the print queue; the WSL subsystem no longer provides historical versions, and users need to ensure the latest version to continue using it.

The fixes also solve a bunch of problems, including some input methods conflicting with the mouse swipe operation in Excel causing software jamming, ARM64 PC black screen crashing, the search box in the taskbar not displaying correctly, the process page not displaying the publisher name correctly, the task management not switching correctly between dark and bright mode, and the real-time captioning function not working.

Author: King
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