The iPhone 15 Ultra joined the periscope head

January 6 - According to 9to5Mac, Apple wants users to buy the more expensive, higher-end version of the iPhone 15, so the top version of the iPhone 15 series will get a major upgrade.

On the iPhone 15 Ultra to be released later this year, Apple will equip it with a 12-megapixel periscopic telephoto lens, which will be the first iPhone with a periscopic lens in Apple's history.

The leak points out that with this periscope lens, the iPhone 15 Ultra will offer a 6x optical zoom. As a comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro supports 3x optical zoom.

The periscopic telephoto lens is said to rely on a prism that reflects light at a 90-degree angle to the built-in lens. This makes the lens much longer than a telephoto lens, resulting in a better optical zoom.

the iphone 15 ultra joined the periscope head

Many Android flagships are currently equipped with a periscopic telephoto lens, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which can achieve 10x optical zoom and up to 100x digital zoom thanks to the periscopic telephoto lens.

In addition to the periscopic telephoto, the iPhone 15 Ultra will also come with an A17 bionic chip built on a 3nm process, 8GB of RAM, and a new USB-C port.

As for the screen, like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the iPhone 15 Ultra still measures 6.7 inches, supports Apple ProMotion, and the refresh rate can be adaptively adjusted according to the usage scenario.

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