Apple iPhone 15 all USB-C interface! Pro upgraded 3nm chip, 8GB memory

Apple's iPhone 14 series phones have been listed, next year's turn to iPhone 15, this generation of improvements are also quite a few, but Apple will still adhere to this year's strategy, that is, the standard version of the squeeze, iPhone 15 Pro series will only have a larger upgrade.

apple iphone 15 all usb c interface pro upgraded 3nm chip 8gb memory

According to industry chain news, next year's iPhone 15 four models, Apple focused on upgrading the Pro series, the processor will be upgraded from the current 4nm A16 to 3nm A17, memory will also be upgraded from 6GB LPDDR5 to 8GB LPDDR5, pulling the hardware level.

The standard version of the iPhone 15 is a conventional upgrade, processor squeeze toothpaste, with a 4nm processor, the probability is that this year's A16 next year to the iPhone 15 series, there is a 48-megapixel lens will also be devolved, bangs screen into a hole punch screen, in short, the knife is still very subtle.

The only system-wide upgrade is the interface, next year iPhone 15 series will be USBC interface, this is not so new, it is also time to change.

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