Apple optimizes iOS 16 lock screen design: a total of three modes to choose from

In iOS 16, Apple designed a new form of lock screen notifications, shifting them from the middle of the screen to the bottom, making many users feel a bit uncomfortable.

For this reason, Apple has optimized the lock screen design of iOS 16 in a recent update, adding a total of three different modes for users to choose from.


In addition to the existing "List" mode, where all notifications are stacked into a list and users swipe up from the bottom to expand them, this update also adds "Count" and "Stack The update also adds two modes: "Count" and "Stack".

In Count mode, the lock screen will only show how many unread notifications the user has at high speed, but will not be able to see the specific content of the notification until the user swipes up to expand it.

Stack mode, on the other hand, will fetch all notifications from the app and then display them in a stacked fashion; also, in this mode users can set up separate notification groups for each app in the lock screen and notification center.

apple optimizes ios 16 lock screen design a total of three modes to choose from

However, unfortunately, all three modes are displayed at the bottom of the screen and cannot be modified in any way, so users will still need to adapt to the new notification locations.

In addition to optimizing the lock screen notifications, in the latest iOS 16.2 Beta, Apple has also optimized the constant display of the rest screen for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users, allowing users to disable notifications after enabling this mode.

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