Apple unveils latest design guidelines for iPhone 14 Pro ‘Dynamic Island’ notifications

The biggest "killer" of the iPhone 14 Pro this year is undoubtedly the Smart Island, which is also the most controversial design on the Internet at present. Some people like to scold them. But no matter what, Apple has planned a set of interactions that utilize the hole-digging screen to the extreme. Unfortunately, after the release, Apple did not open the API for the first time, and third-party developers could not take the initiative to adapt to the development, resulting in pop-up windows such as WeChat will be displayed below the smart island, which looks very abrupt.

apple unveils latest design guidelines for iphone 14 pro dynamic island notifications

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It is reported that Apple has opened up the API in iOS 16.1, and has also released a complete live event design guide, which outlines the specifications for developers to add live events to their apps.

It shows the three states of Smart Island, which are minimized, maximized, and compact, which will be the most common way of displaying Smart Island in the future.

apple unveils latest design guidelines for iphone 14 pro dynamic island notifications 1

In addition, Apple also reminds developers to pay attention to the following:

  • - Provides real-time activities for tasks and real-time events with defined start and end.
  • - Present only the most important content.
  • - Update live events only when new content is available, and alert users only when attention is required.
  • - Avoid showing sensitive information in live events.
  • -Avoid using real-time activity to display advertisements or promotions.
  • - Give the user control to start and end a live event.
  • - Make sure the app opens in the correct location after clicking on the live event.
  • - Consider removing live activity from lock screen after lock screen is over.
  • - Ensure unified information and design for compact presentations in Smart Island.
  • - Create consistent layouts between compact and extended presentations.
  • - Consider using a consistent design across lock screens and extended presentations.
  • - Adapt to different screen sizes and live event presentations.
  • - Think carefully before using custom background color and opacity on your lock screen.
  • - Reconcile the content's corner radius with the live activity's corner radius.
  • - Use standard margins to ensure clear and readable content.
  • - Choose a color that suits your personalized lock screen.
  • - Support dark mode and always-on display.
  • - Use animations sparingly and only to draw attention to content updates.

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