Attention! Windows 11 2022 update requires full installation: took 110 minutes

Microsoft also released the Win11 2022 update early yesterday morning, which is the rumored Win11 22H2. This is the first major update in a year since the release of Win11. It has already begun to push, and a large number of users will receive update notifications in October.

For Windows 11 system updates, Microsoft has adjusted the upgrade strategy many times, from the previous 2 upgrades per year to 1 upgrade per year, but recently said that it will not rely on major annual updates, and hopes to deliver fast, new features and new patches After testing and verification, push it to the user.

For this Win11 2022 update, there is another problem to pay attention to, that is, this upgrade is not a small move. The ZDNET website learned from Microsoft that this upgrade requires a complete installation, not an upgrade package like before.

The specific upgrade process is still uncertain, but from past experience, if it is a complete installation and upgrade, Microsoft will back up the original system to the Windows.old folder, and many settings will return to the default state, and users have to toss again Once again, fortunately, there is basically no risk of losing files.

Due to the complete installation, the upgrade process may also take more time. According to Microsoft's internal staff, it takes 90 minutes to download and 20 minutes to install, for a total of 110 minutes. However, the download time should be variable in different regions. Upgrade at night when you don't need to work or play.

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