Xiaomi Civi 2 officially announced with Hello Kitty

This morning, Xiaomi Mobile officially announced that it will release a new phone, the Xiaomi Civi 2, at 2 pm on September 27.

Later, the official also announced the first real machine picture, and announced the "trend partner" Hello Kitty, the two sides will jointly create the appearance of the new machine.

xiaomi civi 2 officially announced with hello kitty

As you can see from the poster, the ripple effect on the back of the Xiaomi Civi 2 is highly consistent with Hello Kitty. I wonder if a corresponding set version will be launched this time, with this figure accessory.

As for the mobile phone body, it can be seen that the rear camera module of Xiaomi Civi 2 inherits part of the design language of Xiaomi 12, introduces a lens dividing line, and continues to be equipped with a three-camera solution.

However, the two cameras above are placed in the same circle, and looking sideways are Hello Kitty's eyes.

xiaomi civi 2 officially announced with hello kitty 1

It can also be seen from the logo of the rear camera that Xiaomi Civi 2 will be equipped with a 50-megapixel main camera, and it is speculated that IMX707 or IMX766 may be used.

As for performance, it has been revealed that the phone will be equipped with Qualcomm's new-generation Snapdragon 7, built with Samsung's 4nm process, which is stronger than the previous generation's 778G, and its image support has also been significantly upgraded.

xiaomi civi 2 officially announced with hello kitty 2

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