Apple closes iOS 15.6.1 verification channel

With the launch of iOS 16, many users began to update the new version to try it out, and many of them felt that the old version was better after using it and wanted to downgrade.

With Apple now closing the verification channel for the iOS 15.6.1 version, these users have only the iOS 15.7 version left.

It is reported that the iOS 15.7 version fixes a number of kernel vulnerabilities in the system, and one of the vulnerabilities has been actively exploited by hackers, posing a major security risk.

In addition, the update fixes bugs and security issues in system apps such as Contacts, Maps, Safari, Safari Extensions, Shortcuts, and Webkit.

Therefore, for users, even if they do not want to use iOS 16, it will be a good choice to downgrade the system to iOS 15.7.

However, at the beginning of this year, Apple announced that it would stop updating iOS 14 and push iOS 15. Users who are currently on iOS 15.7 may face the dilemma of having to upgrade to iOS 16 sooner or later.

Author: King
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