NVIDIA DLSS 3 exclusive to RTX 40 series graphics cards

At the autumn GTC conference last night, NVIDIA officially released the new RTX 40 series graphics card and announced that it will launch a new generation of DLSS 3 oversampling technology.

According to the official demo, combined with DLSS to generate new frames and DLSS super-resolution frames, DLSS 3 can use AI to reconstruct up to 7/8 of the display pixels, and the performance of the game can be improved by 4 times compared with no DLSS.

nvidia dlss 3 exclusive to rtx 40 series graphics cards

However, it should be noted that DLSS 3 is based on the optical flow analyzer on the RTX 40 series graphics card to realize the analysis of continuous frame and motion data.

This means that this new technology, which NVIDIA calls "cross-era", will only be enjoyed by RTX 40 series graphics cards, while old graphics cards still only support DLSS 2.

At present, NVIDIA has announced the first batch of 36 games, 3 game engines, and 2 applications that support DLSS 3, including Unity and Unreal, the two largest commercial game engines on the market, which means that DLSS 3 will It soon became a new technology favored by game developers, and it also meant that the gap between RTX 40-series and 30-series graphics cards was further widened.

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