DXOMARK Announces Updates to Smartphone Benchmarks and Scoring Systems

DXOMARK, an international leader in the quality assessment of smartphone imaging/cameras, audio, screens and batteries and other consumer electronics products, today announced an update to its smartphone testing benchmarks and scoring system, aiming to align its scientific evaluation system with technology trends Resonance, one step closer to the user. Following the updated benchmarking and scoring system, all current scores will be updated from September 21, 2022, French time.

The new DXOMARK test benchmark is dedicated to being one step closer to users and testing based on real use cases; at the same time, DXOMARK continues to keep pace with technological development, evaluating the latest technology in equipment during testing, regardless of whether the technology has been used on a large scale. ground application. In order to make scientific evaluation results and technical content more readable and popular, all DXOMARK scores are test benchmarks based on real use cases, including the daily use of evaluation equipment in different scenarios and environments.

In order to make the scoring system more transparent and uniform, the scoring criteria and benchmark formulas for each benchmark including video/selfie, audio, screen and battery are now public, and the geometric mean is also used to reward better performance. Balanced equipment. Through this update, DXOMARK hopes to further let every user understand the professionalism and transparency behind the scoring.

dxomark announces updates to smartphone benchmarks and scoring systems

Frédéric Guichard, CEO of DXOMARK, said: "Currently, technological innovation is on a fast track on a global scale, and the representative smartphone industry has never slowed down. It is to constantly meet new usage scenarios of equipment, new breakthroughs in technology and new trends driven by user experience. In this process, only technologies that are truly meaningful to users can better empower users and provide benchmarks for manufacturers , and at the same time help the innovation and development of the industry. In this context, DXOMARK will continue to update our test benchmarks to evaluate the quality of equipment that is truly relevant to users, measure equipment in real-life scenarios, and combine knowledge of new technology trends. In-depth analysis, ultimately realizing our vision of advocating meaningful and practical technology for end users.”

dxomark announces updates to smartphone benchmarks and scoring systems 1

New upgrade of test benchmarks: one step closer to users

The smartphone image, screen, audio, battery and selfie test benchmarks and new scoring system have been officially launched after more than a year of research and development and upgrade by the DXOMARK engineer team.

The update of the image benchmark is mainly carried out around users, and tests of use cases related to user needs have been added, such as group photos of friends and family, low-light shooting and other common scenes. In addition, DXOMARK further improved the test method, expanded the zoom score, increased the focal length range in the photo and video zoom test, and further enriched the zoom test scene. Added laboratory settings, which can reproduce real-life scenes in the laboratory and test the HDR mode of portraits and moving objects. Added new AI-driven metrics capable of performing noise and texture AI metrics for photos and videos on real scenes/objects. In addition, the new benchmarks use international focus groups to better reflect user preferences and evaluate the camera's low-light performance.

dxomark announces updates to smartphone benchmarks and scoring systems 2

Updates to audio benchmarks focus on user pain points. Two new test items, Audio Zoom and Wind Noise, have been added to the recording section. In addition, more objective tests have been added, increasing the share of audio test signals in the total score. Custom audio test tracks are now available for perceptual analysis, and the new playlists are not only representative of users' daily usage, but further improve the accuracy of DXOMARK audio assessments.

dxomark announces updates to smartphone benchmarks and scoring systems 3

The first public scoring criteria: a more transparent and unified technical interpretation, allowing users and technology to keep pace with the times

This is also the first time that DXOMARK has disclosed its scoring algorithm structure to the public. At present, the sub-item scores and score ratios of all test benchmarks are publicly available. All test benchmarks are formulated based on consumer usage scenarios, and the score weights of sub-items are completely based on scientific research data on consumers’ mobile phone usage behavior. decided. In addition to the test benchmark update, the algorithm for all DXOMARK scores will be changed from the arithmetic mean to the geometric mean to emphasize the balanced performance of the device, and it will be difficult for models optimized for specific use cases to obtain high scores. Based on the latest benchmarks and scoring algorithms, DXOMARK's existing scores for smartphone devices will also change accordingly.

Due to the update of the test benchmark, the addition of new usage scenarios and the improvement of the test method, the DXOMARK ranking has also undergone some changes,

Here are the latest top 10 smartphones.

dxomark announces updates to smartphone benchmarks and scoring systems 4

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