Apple server failure: Users have trouble accessing Apple’s website

Apple's official website is currently facing problems on a global scale. This comes after an outage affecting App Store services following the release of iOS 16 this week. The Apple website is still loading, but the images or text are not loading properly. The issue was witnessed on the Cupertino giant's pages in India and other countries. However, it's unclear what caused the issue or what happened to Apple's website.


Downdetector also indicated that users were facing problems accessing Apple’s website, as many reported Apple Store malfunctions. The site displays a message: "An error occurred while processing this instruction." Apple's system status page doesn't reflect any issues with the online store or other services facing issues.

It's worth mentioning that not all pages on Apple's website have this problem; the store page, iPhone page, AirPods page, accessories page, and support page work just fine.

A few days ago, the Apple Store ran into a similar issue, with users reporting that the App Store stopped working and displayed error popups after the release of iOS 16. The App Store requires users to agree to the new terms and conditions of service, but clicking the agree button results in an error message. This App Store not working issue is not unique to users of the latest iOS 16; people running iPhones on previous versions of iOS have experienced the same issue.

Also, then, as it does today, Apple's system status page didn't show any ongoing outages to the App Store servers. Again, the root cause of the problem is unknown.

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