Upgrade asap! Microsoft reminds that Windows 10 21H1 version is about to end support

Another big version of Windows 10 is about to be dropped by Microsoft.

Recently, Microsoft officially released an announcement to inform users of the Win10 21H1 version that the operating system they are using will soon stop supporting.

upgrade asap microsoft reminds that windows 10 21h1 version is about to end support

It is reported that Microsoft plans to officially stop supporting all versions of Windows 10 21H1 on December 13 this year. After that, Windows 10 21H1 will not receive any security updates or patches.

This means that if users want to continue to maintain the stability of the system, they need to upgrade to Win10 21H2 and above, or directly upgrade to Win11.

Judging from Microsoft's operations after announcing that the system has stopped maintenance several times before, in recent months, Microsoft is likely to force users of the 21H1 version to update the system.

It should be noted that according to the survey results of the statistical agency AdDuplex in June this year, about 21% of users are using the Win10 21H1 version of the system, which means that a large number of users will be affected by this suspension of support and have to. Update the system.

In addition, according to Microsoft's previous announcement, Windows 10 will officially end its support on October 14, 2025. At that time, all Windows 10 users who want to obtain normal system maintenance will need to upgrade the Windows 11 system.

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