Microsoft to roll out Windows 11 22H2 LTSC build

LTSC (Long Term Service Channel) is a special system version prepared by Microsoft for Windows enterprise users. It is also often referred to by users as a "retirement" system because it allows users to not update for a long time.

Now, according to the latest data mining results, the LTSC version of the Win11 22H2 system should already be on the way.

It is reported that in the ntdef.h kernel header file of the Winodws SDK of Win11 Build 25198, there is a Winodws 11 SKU that has not appeared before.

This SKU is called "IOTENTERPRISESK" (ie IoT Enterprise Edition), and the corresponding hexadecimal ID is 0x000000CD.

microsoft to roll out windows 11 22h2 ltsc build

At the same time, the data mining also released a screenshot of the built winver. It can be seen that "Windows 11 IoT Enterprise LTSC" is indeed written in the system information column, and it is based on the 22H2 version.

microsoft to roll out windows 11 22h2 ltsc build 1

This means that Microsoft has started to develop the LTSC version system based on the Win11 22H2 system, and it should not take too long to wait.

Author: King
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