iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island game is coming?

Yes, it's happening - the all-new Apple's Dynamic Island now has its first game idea. In a 45-second video shared on Twitter by Kriss Smolka, developer of the WaterMinder and HabitMinder apps, we can see a fun and addictive concept game called "Hit The Island." The gameplay in the clip is nostalgic for the popular '90s game "Arkanoid." However, instead of bricks, this game is about hitting Smart Island.

iphone 14 pro dynamic island game is coming

In this game, you control the bottom racket and move left and right to hit the ball. After every five successful hits, the background color and speed of the ball changes. To make Hit The Island game more interesting, you will get multiple balls after reaching a certain score, the concept is similar to "Brick Break".

iphone 14 pro dynamic island game is coming 1

Software developer Kriss Smolka said the game is still in development. Additionally, Smolka said he's trying to get the game to the App Store by September 16, when the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max just happen to be in the hands of the first buyers.


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