iPhone 14 battery replacement costs 43% more than older iPhones

Apple has reportedly raised prices for battery replacements for its latest generation iPhones, the iPhone 14 series. According to reports based on the international market, the battery replacement cost of a new iPhone so far is about $69 (about 480 yuan). The new cost of replacing the battery has risen to about $99 (about 690 yuan), an increase of about 43%.

iphone 14 battery replacement costs 43 more than older iphones

In 2018, the iPhone battery replacement fee, including tax, dropped to 175 yuan due to Apple's battery life flaws. However, this was largely a one-time event. According to industry reports, the cost of replacing an iPhone battery is between 480 yuan and 570 yuan — in line with international prices to date.


Apple did not disclose the exact price on its official support page. However, it noted that the price of replacing the iPhone's battery may depend on the service center, which will determine the final cost based on an analysis of phones sent in for repair.

Therefore, it is still difficult to understand whether the same price increase will affect the cost of domestic iPhone battery replacement. The company has yet to make any official statement on the matter, making the reason for the price hike unclear.

A variety of reasons may underlie this price increase, including supply chain conditions around the world. The iPhone 14 battery isn't much larger than its predecessor, so it's likely a result of global supply chain conditions. A strong U.S. dollar price could also affect components, which would be more expensive to source from international manufacturing centers such as China and Vietnam.

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