Microsoft pushes Windows 11 KB5017390 update

Today, Microsoft pushed a new KB5017390 update for Windows 11 beta channel users, but unlike previous updates, this update does not bring new features, but removes an existing feature.

Earlier this year, Windows 11 made changes to the uninstall feature of Settings, allowing users to uninstall apps with interdependencies, but this update has removed this feature.

Taking Steam as an example, the removal of this feature means that if users want to uninstall Steam, they must first uninstall the games downloaded through it, otherwise the software will not be uninstalled.

Although the removal of this function can indeed avoid many problems caused by misoperation, the operation of adding the function first and then removing it is really confusing.

In other respects, this update fixes the problem that File Explorer could not be started due to the crash of explorer.exe, and the interaction of File Explorer with the top address bar after full screen.

It should be noted that the current version update has found that the network icon on the lock screen interface will become invalid, and will cause the lock screen to crash, and users need to restart the device to be able to log in.

Author: King
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