The M1 chip iPad Pro runs Win10 smoothly: the performance reaches 90%

Recently, some bloggers showed their results of running the Win10 system on the iPad Pro with the M1 chip.

At the same time as the successful operation, the blogger also conducted a benchmark test through Geekbench. The score shows that under Win10, the iPad Pro score is 1522 points for single-core and 5073 points for multi-core, which can basically reach 90%/70% of M1 iPad Pro. , enough to be called "running at full speed".

the m1 chip ipad pro runs win10 smoothly the performance reaches 90

It should be noted that the blogger did not directly flash the ipad Pro into the Win10 system, but relies on the virtual machine to complete the operation.

The virtual machine, called UTM, is based on QEMU technology and can allow users to run Winodws or lInux systems on iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking, and is currently compatible with macOS.

According to the official information given by UTM, this virtual machine supports a total of more than 30 processors including x86_64, AMR64 and RISC-V and other architectures to support the use of systems of iOS 11 and above.

At the same time, the virtual machine supports external keyboards, mice, touchpads, Apple Pencil, controllers and other devices, which can restore the operating experience of the system itself to the greatest extent.

the m1 chip ipad pro runs win10 smoothly the performance reaches 90 1

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