iPhone 14 Pro A16 performance squeeze toothpaste, confirmed 6GB RAM capacity

After the official launch, the first run scores of iPhone 14 Pro appeared in the GeekBench 5 database, which is the first time we look ahead to the real performance strength of the A16 processor.

The model is identified as iPhone 15,3, with a maximum CPU frequency of 3.46GHz, motherboard code D74AP, and running iOS 16.0 operating system.

Performance, single-core 1879, multi-core 4664.

iphone 14 pro a16 performance squeeze toothpaste confirmed 6gb ram capacity

Compared to the previous generation A15's typical scores of 1722 single-core and 4674 multi-core, the single-core has only improved by 9% and the multi-core has even slipped. However, some digital bloggers claim that the multi-core scores are somewhat anomalous and can be ignored for now and evaluated against future models when more score results are released.

A16's single-core is still the world's best, compared to the most powerful Android camp Dimensity 9000+, Snapdragon 8+, etc. The lead is up to 40% or more, and the multi-core lead is also close to double digits.

In addition, the identification specifications also confirmed that the iPhone 14 Pro with 6GB RAM.

It is understood that the A16 processor uses a 4nm process, the CPU is still 2 performance cores + 4 performance cores, the GPU is 5 cores, the AI engine is still 16 cores, the number of transistors increased by 6.6% over the A15, the number of operations per second increased by 8%, the main frequency increased by 7%.

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