Samsung announces new features for older Galaxy folders and smartwatches

Samsung has announced a plethora of customization options, multitasking and productivity features, and so much more for its older generation of Galaxy folders and smartwatches. All of these new features are already available for the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip3, Galaxy Watch5 series, but they will no longer be limited to just these devices as Samsung wants to bring the same set of benefits to as many people as possible.

New features such as a new taskbar and multitasking experience, the ability to open multiple windows from anywhere, and more will arrive on the Galaxy Z Fold3, and Z Flip3 starting today. the Korean tech giant will roll out these new features with One UI 4.1.1, which is based on Android 12L. One UI 4.1.1 will be rolled out in the coming days One UI 4.1.1 will be gradually rolled out globally in the coming days.

With Android 12L installed on the Galaxy Z Fold3, you'll get a PC-like taskbar that lets you access and switch between apps faster. Samsung has also announced huge improvements in the multitasking experience. For example, One UI 4.1.1 will now let you add a group of apps to the taskbar, helping you quickly access your favorite app pairs. This will be very useful when you need to use two apps at the same time. Also, Android 12L on Z Fold3 will allow users to open multiple windows from anywhere. A few examples include dragging an app to the edge for a split view and to the center for a pop-up view.

samsung announces new features for older galaxy folders and smartwatches

Accompanying the multitasking feature is a new swipe gesture to help you be more productive on your foldable phone. The new swipe gesture will help you instantly switch from full-screen apps to pop-ups or split the screen in half for more ways to do so. In addition, the latest One UI update comes with a dual preview feature that allows you to capture images on both the home and cover screens. You can take high-resolution selfies with the rear camera.

There are also some exciting changes for the older generation of flip phones. Samsung has announced two major changes to the Galaxy Z Flip3, including an upgrade to the Quick Shot feature and a new feature for the cover screen. The Galaxy Flip series will now be able to call contacts, call back missed calls, and even reply to text messages with voice-to-text and emojis without having to open them.

samsung announces new features for older galaxy folders and smartwatches 1

Samsung also has something in store for its older generation of smartwatches. With One UI Watch 4.5, which includes the Galaxy Watch4 series, older Galaxy smartwatches will come with new features such as new dials and more ways to customize them, as well as a QWERTY keyboard for smoother communication. Samsung also confirmed that some of these features will also be available for the Galaxy Watch3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2.

samsung announces new features for older galaxy folders and smartwatches 2

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