Everything for Win12 Microsoft to make important adjustments to Win11: abandon a year a more

Windows 11 22H2 official version is said to be pushed on September 20, corresponding to the version number Build 22621.

Although the current preview of Win11 Dev channel has advanced to Build 25188, but in fact, Microsoft is making adjustments to the update pace of Win11.

Previously, it was revealed that in order to release Win12 in 2024, Win11 will give up the promise of one year update and change to Moment (Moment Update), that is, through small package patches instead of large version iterations, and constantly unlock new features.

Now, there are already traces revealed, Github appeared Build 228xx, Build 22940 such newly compiled version.

everything for win12 microsoft to make important adjustments to win11 abandon a year a more

There is talk that Build 228xxx will come as Moment 2 in the first week of October this year, and Build 22940 or 229xx will be early next year.

Obviously, Microsoft's sudden change of face is to pave the way for Windows 12, and I hope it will not be a sincere "skin pack" only.

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