ColorOS 13 upgrade public test plan announced Find X5 series can try this month

The OPPO Developer Conference 2022 (ODC22) was held from August 30 to 31, with the theme of "Abundant Mind, One Way to Go", and the core of the intelligent life of everything, including the intelligent cross-end system, ColorOS 13, IoT, intelligent travel, health and many other contents.

One of the most concerned by cell phone users, no doubt or ColorOS 13 new system.

The new ColorOS 13 focuses on aquatic design, with a new color system and spirited and light aquatic effects, large folders, blooming wallpaper, quantum animation engine 4.0, responsive layout 2.0 and other functions and features that users have been waiting for or have received a new upgrade, bringing a more textured and also more personalized visual language upgrade.


In addition, ColorOS 13 also has many improvements in smoothness, security, and smart life, which can bring lasting smoothness, privacy and security, and a thoughtful smart experience covering multiple scenarios such as life, meeting, health, and travel.

coloros 13 upgrade public test plan announced find x5 series can try this month

For those who can't wait to experience the new system, OPPO has also released a public test plan for the ColorOS 13 upgrade for their models:

First batch: open in August 2022

Find X5/X5 Pro, Find N, OnePlus 10 Pro 5G

The second batch: open in September 2022

Find X5 Pro Tiangui Edition, OPPO Find X3 series, OnePlus 9/9 Pro, OnePlus Ace, Reno8 Pro+ 5G

Third batch: open in October 2022

One Plus 9R/9RT 5G, One Plus 8 series, Reno8 5G, Reno7 Pro, Reno 6 Pro+ 5G, Reno 6, Reno5 Pro+, Reno 5, A97, A57

Fourth batch: November-December 2022

OPPO Pad, One Plus Ace Pro, K10 Pro, Find X2 series, Reno8 Pro, Reno6 Pro, Reno5 Pro, Ace2

Fifth batch: 2023 H1

OPPO Pad Air, Reno7 5G, Reno7 SE, OnePlus Ace 5G, K10 5G, K9 /K9s /K9x /K9 Pro

coloros 13 upgrade public test plan announced find x5 series can try this month 1

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