The iPhone 14 system pill punch screen may have a new function: for the privacy warning area

The appearance of the iPhone 14 system has been basically revealed recently. I believe everyone knows that the new system will use a pill screen, but the latest news shows that the space between the Face ID dot matrix scanner and the front camera may have practical uses, not just a black oval shape.

the iphone 14 system pill punch screen may have a new function for the privacy warning area

In terms of security and privacy, we know that Apple has always been at the forefront of the industry. Previously, when the camera and microphone were called, the taskbar icon was displayed by Apple. Come surprise. From the picture, it is indeed reasonable and conspicuous to put the privacy call reminder on the front pill screen, which is in line with the public's aesthetics, and it is a matter of course!

According to rumors, Apple will use the punch hole to house its microphone and camera 'dots' -- privacy indicators that alert users when an app accesses the microphone or camera. Also, the dots could be in the raw display area between the Facetime dot projector and the front-facing camera.

These orange or green dots are used to tell the user that the microphone or camera is called by at least one app. This indicator is designed in Macos.

The current privacy hardware shows the IOS lights on the right side of the notch on iPhone devices when activated, but placing them front and center of the display makes the camera and microphone more visible when in use.

Apparently, Apple will allow users to click on the little green and orange dots to get more information about which apps are using the iPhone hardware. Now, this data is provided by the control center. Apple lists apps that have recently used the camera, microphone, and location.

Apple will also redesign the camera app and move most of the control buttons to the top of the display, giving users a larger view of the camera preview, but this change is not fully finalized'.

If the rumors of Face ID and other systems using hole punch for Face ID and other systems on Wednesday are true, and if 9TO5MAC is true, then it will be the first time in nearly two years. Apple put them where they are now with the launch of iOS 14.

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