Avoid “power anxiety”: iOS 16 low battery can turn off the battery percentage

Today, Apple released the BATE 6 Developer Preview for iOS 16. While fixing the bugs, the percentage function of status bar power in the previous version was modified.

Previously, when users were low on power and turned on low-power mode, the power percentage function would be forced on, and now these two functions are finally unbound.

If the screenshot shows, users will now be able to manually turn off the battery percentage display when low-power mode is turned on. Users will be able to avoid the "power anxiety" caused by low battery to some extent.

Note that after the Bate 6 update, the battery percentage feature is still not available on the standard iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini models.

At the same time, after opening the battery percentage feature, the battery icon has been displayed in the controversial design and has not been modified.

Not surprisingly, Apple will push the official iOS 16 release to all users with iPhone 8 or newer iPhone in September this year. At that time, all users will be able to experience the many new features of iOS 16.

Author: King
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