Successfully bypassed Microsoft reinforcement: Fido script to restore Win8 to Win11 ISO image download

Last week, the well-known ISO acquisition script Fido disabled IOS downloads for all versions from Win8 to Win11 in version 1.30.

According to developer Pete Batard in a GitHub changelog, this is because Microsoft hardened its servers to block Fido-based download requests, and said that fixing the problem will take time.

However, unexpectedly, Fido has now suddenly uploaded version 1.31 on GitHub, announcing the resumption of ISO downloads for Win8 to Win11 versions.

Fido did not mention in the changelog how they bypassed the Microsoft server hardening, only that a developer with the ID Wlliam Bulin helped them find a workaround.

According to Wlliam Bulin's GitHub page, he discussed with Fido's developers whether it was possible to bypass the hardening by accessing other URLs, and he also submitted several files to fix the problem.

Author: King
Copyright: PCSofter.COM

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