Microsoft updates Edge 104 for Beta channel users

Microsoft released Edge v104 to Beta channel users almost a month ago, bringing less important changes for consumers. But yesterday's feature update to Edge v104 is indeed an important one. Microsoft rolled out Edge 104.0.1293.44 to Beta channel users, adding some security enhancements as you surf the web.

The Privacy page in Settings will now include Basic as the new default option, which will apply additional security to less-visited sites. You can find this setting by navigating to Edge://settings/privacy. Other than the new security improvements, Edge 104.0.1293.44 does not include other changes. You can read the full official changelog below.


What Microsoft introduces in the development and Beta channels will most likely be available at the edge of the stable at some point in the future. This means that new security enhancements are likely to be available to the public in the future.

In other Edge-related news, Microsoft recently released Edge Dev 105.0.1336.2, adding several new features, including a narrator that will announce a "banner" on the browser's "Learn More" link that supports administrative policies from Chromium to Control. In addition to this, the latest Microsoft Edge development version comes with a good set of improvements and bug fixes.

To update to the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Beta and Dev channel users need to navigate to Help and Feedback > About Microsoft Edge. you will see the update here. You will need to download and install it, and then restart your browser to complete the installation.

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