Apple pushes fix patch for Studio Display

Earlier this week, Apple admitted that the high-end display Studio Display has speaker problems, saying that users may experience unexpected audio interruptions, accelerated audio playback, distorted audio quality and intermittent playback.

However, Apple's temporary solution to this situation is very "simple and brutal": users who encounter the problem need to disconnect the Studio Display from the power supply and unplug all accessories and devices connected to it, then wait at least 10 seconds before re-powering the device.

Well, today Apple pushed out a new iOS 15.5 firmware update for Studio Display that fixes the device's speaker issues, so users finally don't have to unplug the socket when things go wrong.

In this update, Apple fixed the system bugs that existed in the Studio Display and optimized the camera to bring better noise reduction, contrast and framing.

It is worth noting that Studio Display needs to be connected to other Mac devices to update the firmware. After accessing the Mac, users can upgrade the firmware in System Preferences > Software Update. ''

Author: King
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