The Apple Store has a new diagnostic tool

The Apple Store and Apple Authorized service providers are getting a new diagnostic tool that can determine if a customer's iPhone has accidentally restarted. When customers with an iPhone 11 or newer go to the Apple Store and Apple Authorized service providers due to an unexpected restart of the device, the Apple Store can run a new "System stability" diagnostic tool, which will evaluate the device's "data log," To determine if the iPhone had been accidentally rebooted multiple times in the past 14 days.

If the diagnosis determines that an unexpected restart has occurred, Apple recommends that technicians proceed with hardware repairs. If the diagnosis does not reveal an unexpected restart issue, Apple recommends that technicians direct customers to a new support document that includes hardware and software troubleshooting tips.

The new diagnostic tool gives Apple technicians a faster way to determine if a customer's iPhone is having an unexpected restart problem than existing methods.

The new System Stability diagnostic suite is part of the Apple Service Toolkit 2 tools.

Author: King
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