Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 27 discrete graphics card version released

August 1, Lenovo Xiaoxin official announcement: Xiaoxin Pro 27 Solo Edition heavy attack.

It is understood that the new product is named "Xiaoxin Pro 27 Sharp Dazzle Edition", for the first time using the "I + I" program, that is, Intel processor + Intel discrete graphics. Different from the common N card and A card, equipped with Intel RuiXiao independent graphics card A370M.

At the end of March this year, Intel re-entered the market of high performance discrete graphics, launched Arc sharp dazzling series of graphics cards, the first mainly for notebook platforms, divided into Arc 3, Arc 5 and Arc 7 three levels, the current listing is mainly Arc 3 series of entry-level products.

The A370M graphics card is the high end version of Intel's entry level, with a core frequency of 1550MHz, 64-bit 4GB video memory, and a power consumption range of 35-50W. In tests, its AI performance and 8K video output even exceeded that of the RTX 3050 solo display.

However, the game performance is much worse than the RTX 3050 graphics card, slightly higher than the GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, for the all-in-one machine is basically enough.

Lenovo launched a new small new all-in-one machine Pro series at the end of May this year, with 23.8" and 27" two sizes, but are not equipped with a discrete graphics card.

The core configuration, the new Pro 27 Razor sharp version equipped with 12th generation Core i7-12700H processor, and also has 16GB DDR5-4800 memory, standard with 1TB SSD.

In addition, the new machine is equipped with a 2.5K screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, a refresh rate of 100Hz, 100% sRGB, plus low blue light and strobe-free certification.

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