How strong is the Intel i9-13900K full speed run score? Dump AMD Thread Ripper 2990X by 30%

With the arrival of new machines in the second half of the year, Intel will launch new 13th generation Core processors, and the performance of the flagship chip i9-13900K is also highly anticipated.

Currently, Baidu Intel bar user Xiaochun has released the "full speed" score of the i9-13900K with all cores enabled.

From the data, with all cores enabled, the i9-13900K's Raptor Cove P-Cores have an all-core clock frequency of 5.5GHz, while the E-Core has an all-core clock frequency of 4.3GHz, with a CPU voltage of 1.3V and a maximum ring frequency of about 4 GHz.

It should be noted that the power consumption of the i9-13900K in this state comes to 350W and has a not too low operating temperature.

In terms of performance, this i9-13900K scored 16605.6 points in CPU-z's multithreading test and 879.7 points in single-core; while in Cinebench R23, its multithreading score came to 39365 points, a full 43% improvement compared to the previous generation i9-12900K.

Compared to AMD's famous Thread Ripper 2990X, the full-speed i9-13900K has a 30% higher score and is already quite close to the Thread Ripper 3975WX.

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