Nothing Phone(1) receives version 1.1.2 system update Optimize UI and charging experience

Although it hasn't been available for a long time, Nothing Phone (1) has recently started rolling out the Nothing OS update version 1.1.2, which mainly brings improvements in the user interface (UI) and charging experience. In addition, the update will allow users to set a default "always on" period and the option to display the fingerprint sensor icon by easily moving the phone when the screen is off.

Given that this v1.1.2 update package is only about 40MB in size, it is clear that it does not contain many major changes. Even so, there are some things worth noting.

First, for first-time users, Nothing Phone (1) now allows you to move the phone slightly with the screen off to find the exact location of the fingerprint sensor.

Secondly, the "Always On" feature, which is said to cause excessive battery consumption, can now be disabled by default during nighttime hours. Of course, users who need to do so can manually enable the feature.

The charging experience on the Nothing Phone (1) is also said to have been improved, with compatibility with more third-party chargers. That way, even if you don't buy the original accessories, there won't be much difference in charging performance.

Finally, the v1.1.2 update resolves several Bluetooth codec issues, brings some detailed UI optimizations, and other general bug fixes and stability improvements.

Author: King
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