Intel Arc graphics cards finally have a big brand whole

Intel released its first desktop discrete graphics card, the Arc A380, in mid-June, but in addition to the one from Blue Halberd, it was only available as a complete unit from brands such as Jingtian and Ningmei, and only for the mainland China market.

Now it is finally ready to go in the global market, finally with big brands added, and finally with more models.

First is ASUS, a total of two, one is ROG STRIX GT15, positioning game host, but in addition to the Arc A380, you can also choose the highest RTX 3080, not at all a class of products, put together a little weird.

The second is the ExpertCenter D7 Tower, a commercial host that emphasizes silence and has only the Arc A380 graphics card.

Next is MSI, a mini desktop host with graphics cards in addition to the Arc A380, but also the more entry-level Arc A310, with only four Xe cores, with 64-bit 4GB GDDR6 memory.

Also available GT 103, GTX 1650, are similar grade entry cards, with processors are 12th generation Core i7-12700/F, i5-12400/F.

Author: King
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