Rumors of problems with some iPhone 14 lenses

The various news about Apple iPhone 14 has attracted a lot of attention recently, almost one hot search per day, but today's hot search is not a good one.

A few days ago, Ming-Chi Kuo, who is known as Apple's No. 1 exposer, brought the latest news that the rear lens supplied by Genius for the iPhone 14 has a coating crack quality problem.

He revealed that Apple has already transferred about 10 million lens orders to Dailigang to avoid affecting the iPhone 14 shipments.

Although Apple has found a solution, but still caused no small concern in the industry, after all, the current time from the release of the regular iPhone has been less than 2 months.

However, Apple faces more than that, as early as March/April this year, iPhone 14 parts had received the impact of the epidemic and other aspects, the factory was once shut down for dozens of days, resulting in progress could not be advanced, had been rumored to postpone the release of the rumors.

And then, the iPhone 14 and respectively met the memory and panel supply problems, although said Apple are through a strong supply chain integration ability to quickly digest the solution, but the accumulation of less into the next hard to avoid not dragging down the overall progress.

Part of the iPhone 14 lens problems: less than 2 months from the release of the market fears delayed release

Now coupled with the lens supply problem, some industry analysis does not rule out that Apple will postpone the release of iPhone 14, and even if released normally, there will be a significant test of the early supply.

It is also worth noting that the overall changes to the iPhone 14 series this year are huge, including the Pro version will be the first time to cancel the bangs screen, and the standard version will also add a 6.7-inch large-screen model, which is cheaper compared to the Pro Max, and there is a great probability that the supply will exceed the demand, requiring a rush.

Do you think the iPhone 14 can be released smoothly?

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