OnePlus Ace Pro world’s first instant bandwidth technology

Today, OnePlus announced the world's first instant bandwidth technology for Ace Pro. With the instant bandwidth technology, the nanosecond data throughput is increased to 16 times of the previous level, which greatly improves the utilization of 16GB large memory.

Official test data shows that with 16GB of memory and Instant Bandwidth technology, the app launch speed is increased by 16% and the number of background apps is kept alive by 35, which can be used for 4-6 years.

Not only that, OnePlus Ace Pro is equipped with OnePlus' self-developed HyperBoost game frame stabilization engine, which brings flat and stable frame rate performance during the game by adding key technologies such as graphics heterogeneity, GPA extreme frame stabilization, and O-Sync overclocking response to make the phone CPU and GPU scheduling more suitable for the game scenario.

After testing, One Plus Ace Pro runs "King of Glory" 120 frames + extreme quality mode, 1 hour of game time, the average frame rate is 119.38 frames, the highest temperature is 45.7 ℃, the overall performance is not inferior to professional gaming phones.

The machine will be officially debuted on August 3.

Author: King
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