HarmonyOS 3 new features rumored: a phone to regulate two pairs of headphones

Huawei will officially hold a new product launch tomorrow, the theme is "HarmonyOS 3 and his partners", it can be seen that HarmonyOS 3 will be the main character of the meeting.

Digital blogger @SeeMountainUncle released a picture today suggesting that HarmonyOS 3 will enable a phone to support two headphones at the same time, be able to play music at the same time, and adjust the volume of both pairs of headphones.

Via SeeMountainUncle

This feature seems familiar, similar to the "AirPods Share Audio" feature in iOS, which allows family, friends or couples to listen to the same song or watch a video together through "Share Audio".

A large number of users are looking forward to this feature of HarmonyOS 3, and many of them have expressed their thoughts on it.

Some users think this feature is good "you can share your favorite music with your friends"; others question "what is the point of connecting two headphones? I don't have four ears"; some users showed a wave of love "you can listen to songs with your girlfriend".

In addition, HarmonyOS 3 has been confirmed to bring further improvements in three major areas, namely fluency, security, and layout customization, with more interesting features to be unveiled tomorrow.

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