iPhone 14 may have 6G memory across the board

According to the latest Digitimes report, the iPhone 14 series may be equipped with 6GB of RAM as standard this time, but it should be noted that this does not mean that Apple is "conscientious".

Although they all seem to have 6GB of RAM, there is a significant difference in actual performance, as sources say that Apple will equip the iPhone 14 standard version, that is, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max with LPDDR4x memory.

As for the Pro version of the two will be upgraded to a new generation of LPDDR5, which is relatively stronger in performance and at the same time, power consumption can also be reduced.

What's more, in fact, Android manufacturers have long been popularizing LPDDR5 memory on their flagships two years ago, such as the Xiaomi 10 and Meizu 17 Pro models at the time have been the first to use it.

And now in 2022 Apple is still taking a specification to distinguish between high and low, which also makes many netizens said they can not stand.

Of course, Apple as the world's number one technology company today, the hard power is really not to be underestimated.

Apple with iOS software and hardware synergy, so that the iPhone can be in the case of low memory specifications, low capacity, but also a very good experience, only by 4GB/6GB can be comparable to Android's 12GB/16GB of huge memory, this is also Apple's unique skills.

This should also be the place where Android manufacturers should try to learn and catch up.

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