AMD Zen4 96-core flagship EPYC 9664 power consumption of 400W

AMD will release the 5nm, Zen4 architecture of the EPYC 9000 series data center products later this year, which is expected to be ahead of Intel's repeatedly jumped Sapphire Rapids third-generation scalable to strong.

We have previously seen the new top model of the EPYC 9654P (may also be called EPYC 9654), 96 cores 192 threads, 96MB of tertiary cache, 384MB of tertiary cache, benchmark frequency 2.0-2.15GHz, thermal design power consumption of 360W, the performance of the fierce Intel to the strong no fight.

As a result, it is not the real flagship, there is a EPYC 9664!

According to the latest exposure, the EPYC 9664 is also 96 cores and 192 threads, 96MB L2 cache, 384MB tertiary cache, the current ES engineering sample benchmark frequency of 2.25-2.xGHz (not fully determined), and the acceleration frequency is 3.8GHz.

Of course power consumption is also higher, thermal design power consumption up to 400W.

As a comparison, the existing regular flagship EPYC 7763, 64 cores 128 threads, 32MB of L2 cache, 256MB of L2 cache, 2.45-3.5GHz, 280W thermal design power consumption.

In other words, the number of cores increased by 50%, cache capacity increased by two-thirds, the acceleration frequency is 300MHz higher, while power consumption increased by about 43%.

I have to say, the combination of 5nm process, Zen4 architecture is really tough.

Author: King
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